Milos Fantasy Football League Rules    
*All fee and winnings will be paid at the end of the year after the ProBowl. I expect there will be no problems with that. So please be prepared to pay by week 11 if you are going to end up oweing money. I really don't want the winners coming after the know what I mean. Thanks.    

The Money Distribution

· Franchise Fee - $120 (9 teams x $120 = $1080.00)
· Weekly Winner - ($15 x 16 weeks)
· Player of the week - ($5 x 16 weeks) Team with top player receives $5. Tie results in splitting the money between parties.
· Most Total Points -
· Best Coaching Pct. -
· Division Winner - ($30 x 2)
· MVP (Most Total Points by Individual) - Games Started Only. If trade occurs, you get players points.
· All Milo Team - ($5 x 8 positions) - Total Possible
Fantasy Bowl -
· Winner -
+2/3 pot
· Runner Up -
+1/3 pot
Toilet Bowl -
· Winner -
· Loser - Well you're the loser... go home.
Loser Bowl - Ultimate Loser is just that... nothing more nothing less.
Black 'n' Blue Pro Bowl - Losers must provide refreshments for following years draft $20/team

Commish costs to be reimburse    
· Trophy $25  
· Commissioner Program $70  
· Draft Board $25  
NOTE - In case you were wondering, the Commish does not pay anything for running the league. Nothing at all...    

The Draft

· This year you pick once. It will be a snaking draft which sounds a little more fair.
· 14 rounds (Technically could cover year if you draft (2 QBs, 3 RBs, 3 WRs, 2 TEs, 2 Ks, 2 D/STs) and a lotta luck!
· 2 minutes per pick. Not 1 second more. If you go over, you will be skipped 1 pick. I will have a timer.
· Each team will be responsible for running 2 rounds of the draft. All you have to do is time the picks and put the players name on the draft board.

The Roster

· Consist of 14 slots (Not mandatory but stupid not to keep it filled)
· Manditory (1 QB, 2 RBs, 2 WRs, 1 TE, 1 K, 1 D/STs). Must be filled before the start, and maintained during the season.
· Injured Reserve1 slot. Just an empty slot that you may want to use for a prospect or an unjured player. Each move is $5 per player moved excluding dropped players. Example, you pickup a player and through him directly on your practice squad no fee. If you then throw him on your roster, and put a player back on the practice squad $10. Basically each move that effects your active roster there is a charge involved.

Lineups (MANDATORY CALL-IN) It's that simple.

· Owners must submit a lineup of exactly 1QB, 2RBs, 2WRs, 1TE, 1K, and 1D/STs. Owners who fail to submit a lineup may be subject to a fine of $10 to the pot (takin' from there cap money), 2nd offense $20 (from cap money), 3rd offense, the owner may be subject to team elimination. If it ever came to that, I will vote on team being eliminated.
· Lineups are due prior to the first kickoff of the first NFL game of each week. If there's a Thursday game you must call-in or email the players you are playing. If there's a Saturday Game...same gametime. Remember just the players going is   mandatory (you don't have to submit your full line-up).
· If the owner fails to submit a lineup, you have NO lineup. If forget to play your K, you have no K, your 2 RBs no RBs. etc..
*Note: You are responsible for getting your opponents lineup. I prefer that you contact your opponent through email or phone for  lineups (which we all usually do anyway). There will be a lineup board for you to submit your lineup. So just grab it from there.
*If you are cutting it close to gametime...please call to insure your lineup is in. Sometimes servers go down and I may not get your lineup in time through the lineup board or email... So call to insure it. I still want you to use the message board any chance you get. It's just easier  that way. Try to get your lineup on the first try...I know things change, but it's just a bigger pain in the but for me. Thanks.

The Transactions

· Preseason Free Agent Pickups (Anyday of the week)
- Free Agents are on a first come first serve basis, and will cost $5 each. This does not count against your salary cap.
- Preseason pickups end on Wed, SEPTEMBER 7th, when the clock strikes midnight.

· Free Agent Bidding (Monday to Thursday @ Midnight)
  Rules - Each team will have a cap of $100 to spend for 12 weeks.
- Bids must be whole number amounts $5, $6, etc (not $5.10, $5.11, etc)
- Bidding starts at $5 and go in increments of $1.
- You may change your bid throughout the week, but it can only increase not decrease. Once you bid on a player, that's it, done deal, you can't change your mind later and take the bid back.
- In case of a tie, bid will first go to the lesser team (1st-worse record, then to worse points).
- Please leave all bids on my email (dan@statfreaks). Easier this way.
- You must let me know who you are dropping at the time of your bid, so have some idea who you are going to release in advance.
- I will try to email all the owners, but for sure the ones with the successful bids. If not it will be posted by Thursday on my site.

HERE IS AN EXAMPLE OF A CLASSIC BID: All transactions have to be one for one!
QB Terry Bradshaw ($5) drop RB Jarvis Redwine
RB Rocky Blier ($20) drop QB Danny White

(You can't tag the same dropped player on more than one transaction!)
QB Terry Bradshaw ($5) drop RB Jarvis Redwine
RB Rocky Blier ($20) drop RB Jarvis Redwine

*Note: I will be emailing my bid to Mike cause he's one helluv an honest guy.
*Another Note: You may acquire a FA after week 10, but only if the player is listed as out. You must acquire the position you are replacing, ex.RB for RB, WR for WR. Do to the importance of this, you may pickup a player anytime until kickoff of the first NFL game of the week. ex. If there is a Thurs/Sat. game you must pick them up before then.

· Trades

- Any two owners may trade players up until the first kickoff of the first NFL game on week 11.
- Cost of Trades is $3.00 per player traded, unless otherwise noted (ex. owner agrees to pay the other owners trade fee, which is cool). So ...
- Commissioner reserves the right to deny an trade due to the following.
1. Commissioner believes trades are being used to cover bye weeks. (ex. two owners trade players, and the following week they trade the same players back.)
2. Commissioner believes two or more owners are working in conjunction with each other to create an all star team. (The Conspiracy Theory)
3. If it is too tough to call, I will call at least 3 owners (not involved in the trade) and take a vote.
4. Any team has the right to call a special jury if his trade was denied. He must receive a majority of the votes which is 6 out of 10 teams.

The Tiebreakers

· Regular season games - a tie is a tie
· Playoffs - goes to total team pts, then least amount of total yards against your Team Defense.
· Records -head-to-head record between all teams in the tie, divisional record, then total points.

The Playoffs - weeks 15 & 16

· Top two teams in each division play. Winners to the FantasyBowl, Losers to the ToiletBowl.
· Three other loser teams in each division will play for the Ultimatet Loserl. Each team will submit a regular lineup for weeks 15 and 16;  like usual. The team with the least amount of points combined for the two games is the ultimate loser. This year there is no penalty for the ultimate loser, it's bad enough that he is the ultimate loser in the first place.

The Pro Bowl - week 17

· Back to the original Black 'n' Blue ProBowl game.
- Division Winners will coach the game. (If you don't want to the next best coach will get it).
- Coaching consists of selecting and calling in lineup.
- Each team must consist of 1 QB, 2 RBs, 2 WRs, 1 TE, 1 K, 1 D/STs.
- Eeach team must also be represented (three teams will end up using two players, the other two just one). Who gets to use two or one is all determined by the Pro Bowl Coach!
- Each owner has a say in who he wants to play (you might want to give the coach a few options or suggestions).
- Losers of the game are responsible for the refreshments for the following years draft. The losing coach will be responsible and will get reimburst from the other losers. $20/team